LinuxSecurity.com: Linux Security from a Windows Security Expert’s Perspective

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for this link. ]

“In this interview, Avi Fogel, CEO of Network-1, offers his
perspective on the state of Internet security, his experience with
Windows and security, and the advantages and disadvantages to Open
Source security….”

“LinuxSecurity.com: What do you think of Linux as a viable
platform for developing security products? Has Network-1 given any
thoughts to developing security software for Linux?”

“Avi Fogel: While there are some differences in vulnerabilities
between OS’s and the availability of shareware to address these –
Linux, like Windows and traditional Unix suffers from the lack
of granular Network Access Controls and built in Intrusion
Detection and Prevention capabilities and capabilities for
extensive logging of network transactions.
Network-1 sees
Linux as a very important platform that we want to be able to
address in the future as part of a full host-resident distributed
firewalling solution.”