Metasploit Goes Pro for Security Testing

“A year ago, the open source Metasploit penetration testing
project was acquired by security firm Rapid7 with the goal of
putting more resources into development. This week, Rapid7 is
showing off the fruits of its labor with the release of the
Metapsloit Pro Framework for commercial users and a new Metasploit
3.5 core release for the open source community.

“With the Metasploit Pro release, Rapid7 is proving a new
flagship platform for commercial Metasploit users to enumerate,
test and exploit networks in an effort to improve enterprise
security. With the Pro release, Metasploit is moving beyond its
single-user roots.

“”What we’re trying to do with Metasploit Pro is to take
Metasploit to the team level, ” HD Moore, Rapid7 Chief Security
Officer and Metasploit chief architect told InternetNews.com.
“Metasploit Pro is a multi-user product so multiple users can all
be working with the product on the same penetration test.”

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