Network Magazine: Building a Robust Linux Security Solution

“Linux possesses a stable, robust, open-source kernel whose
quality is subject to daily scrutiny by thousands of “power users”
around the world. As with any other open-source system, once
vulnerability is identified, it is typically published and verified
within hours-with a fix typically available in days. While Linux
still faces serious challenges as a Windows replacement in the
office environment, its ability to perform as an enterprise server
is no longer in question.”

The open-source nature of Linux may require that you devote
some time and effort to staying abreast of the latest security
advisories and available kernel versions, but it also means you can
exercise tight control over system resources, right down to the
kernel layer.
This is time well spent when you consider the
potential consequences of a successful network attack….”

“Linux has finally reached the maturity level necessary to be
considered a viable security platform. Open-source solutions have
some well-known drawbacks (lack of support, spotty documentation),
but Linux makes up for them with a proven design, a rock-solid
kernel, and the ever-growing support of software vendors that see
Linux as a much-needed revolution in the Unix landscape.”