New Study Claims BSD, OS X Most and Linux Least Secure

CNET News: Is Mac OS The Most Secure?

“In a study bound to rile Linux advocates, a British security
company has found that attacks on Linux machines are more than
twice as common as those on Windows systems.

“London-based Mi2g found that computers using Mac OS X and other
BSD Unix software were more secure. The study said that over a
12-month period, Linux machines suffered roughly two-thirds of
security breaches, Windows systems represented just over
one-quarter of attacks, and Mac OS X/BSD Unix computers accounted
for just 5 percent…”


mi2g: Deep Study: The World’s Safest Computing Environment

[ Thanks to Mohammad
Bahathir Hashim
for this link. ]

“The most comprehensive study ever undertaken by the mi2g
Intelligence Unit over 12 months reveals that the world’s safest
and most secure 24/7 online computing environment–operating system
plus applications–is proving to be the Open Source platform of BSD
(Berkley Software Distribution) and the Mac OS X based on