NewsForge: Three Rules for Safer Wi-Fi Away from Home

“Almost everyone has heard about wardriving, the geek sport in
which you drive around and see what wireless access points (WAP)
you can find and access. Because of the ink wardriving has received
over the years, many home and business users have wised up and
added security to their WAPs. But how about the busy traveler, the
exec at Marriott, or the slacker at Starbucks? Do they take that
same level of care with wireless security while they’re on the road
and seduced by the easy availability of Wi-Fi hotspots? Probably
not, but they should. Here are three simple assumptions you should
make before taking your wireless laptop on the road.

“Memorize these rules, understand what they mean, and learn what
to do to protect yourself. When you can do that, you can begin to
protect your private, confidential, and corporate data from
inquisitive eyes…”