Nmap 7.40 Holiday Release: a dozen new NSE scripts, hundreds of new fingerprints, new Npcap, faster brute forcing, and more…

Happy holidays from the Nmap Project!  In case your Christmas break plans
involve a lot of port scanning, we’re delighted to announce our holiday
Nmap 7.40 release!  This version stuffs your stockings with dozens of new
features, including:

   – 12 new NSE scripts
   – Hundreds of updated OS and version detection detection signatures
   – Faster brute force authentication cracking and other NSE library
   – A much-improved version of our Npcap Windows packet capturing

There are many more improvements which are all describe below.  Nmap 7.40
source code and binary packages for Linux, Windows, and Mac are
available for free download from the usual spot:


If you find any bugs in this release, please let us know on the Nmap Dev
list or bug tracker as described at https://nmap.org/book/man-bugs.html.