Open Source Ammo for the SMB Security Arsenal

Enter open source and community supported security software. In many cases, open source security software can fill the gap when funding for heavy, commercially supported, closed-source security tools is hard to come by. For SMBs, having a few open source security tools in their back pocket to meet specific security challenges can be a godsend. Because the tools are free (as in beer), they’re relatively easy to get pushed out without the need to go through a purchasing cycle — and because they’re popularly adopted and focused in scope, they can often be deployed without significant staff overhead.

I’ve put together a “short list” of open source and community-supported security tools for just these situations. These aren’t the only open source security tools out there; however, the tools in this list are easy to deploy, fill needs that most SMBs have, and are widely adopted enough to have staying power over a long deployment cycle.