PC Week: Sun Ray faces cloudy future

“It’s in my nature, not to mention my core value system, to
encourage innovation by risk takers and windmill-tilters generally.
I therefore congratulate Sun in its introduction of the Sun Ray
thin client for once again showing the way with some truly
innovative technology-technology that could find its way into IT
installations everywhere. But it could happen without a single Sun
Ray changing hands.”

“Yes, once again Sun has a good idea, but once again it will
probably stand by and watch it implemented in Windows environments.
Meanwhile, Net Ray sales may barely exceed the minute sales numbers
of JavaStations and other network computers.”

With so much desktop infrastructure installed, it’s almost
inconceivable that an IT department would want to replace an
environment with a new one that offers, maybe, two advantages:
manageability and security.
It makes sense to upgrade your
environment rather than replace it. Such steps include implementing
advanced management tools, moving to more server-centric intranets,
installing Windows terminals and using a card reader to provide
security. I haven’t run the numbers, but I can’t see how any of
these alternatives could be more expensive than putting in Net

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