PC World: Hacker Tool Targets Windows NT

Thanks to Low, Kuan Loong
for this link.

“Second-generation Back Orifice hacker program expected to

“The Cult of the Dead Cow created and released the program Back
Orifice last year to the general public at the Las Vegas hacker and
security conference DEF CON. The program allows its users to
remotely control victims’ desktops, potentially undetected.

“At this year’s conference, on July 9, Sir Dystic says the cult
will outdo itself and release Back Orifice 2000. The program, he
says, is smaller, nimbler, and twice as nefarious.”

“The group also says it will make the source code available for
Back Orifice 2000, which will likely spawn multiple strains of the
program in the hacker community, experts say.”