Presswire: Top security system manufacturer selects Unify to implement major product upgrade

“Today Honeywell WSE Division, a market leader in access control
security systems, and Unify Corporation, a leading provider of
Internet application server solutions for e-commerce, announced
that Unify VISION and Unify DataServer for Linux have been selected
to develop the next generation WSE NexSentry Command Center

“… WSE is updating the NexSentry server to a high-performance
Linux platform and providing users with a Windows-based graphical
operations interface. Using Unify VISION and Unify DataServer for
Red Hat Linux will give the company a time-to-market advantage,
according to Software Development Director Jeri Donn.

“We can retain a great deal of our proven existing applications
and bring our software developers on board very quickly by using
Unify products,” he explains.”

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