PRNewswire: Centromine Announces Plans for Linux

“Centromine, Inc., the business-to-business leader in Internet
behavioral healthcare software, today announced plans to upgrade to
the Linux Operating System with Allaire’s ColdFusion 4.5 release.
The new version is designed as a cross-platform server to run on
the Linux open-source operating system, which supports
business-to-business enterprise applications.”

“‘As an ASP, the Linux environment is directly in line with our
architectural vision,” states Michael Bodner, Chief Information
Officer for Centromine. “Allaire’s proposed support for Linux with
its ColdFusion version 4.5 allows us to migrate to a powerful
platform, offering us the most comprehensive and opportune
development environment. We decided to move forward with
ColdFusion for Linux because it will offer our customers and us the
highest performance, scalability and functionality.'”

“The new environment will increase efficiency of the
ShareCare(TM) middle-tier server, increasing the overall efficiency
for Centromine’s web-based application. “We are now able to take
advantage of leading edge technology,” states Bodner. “Any
architectural plan for an ASP should include moving in this
direction to better support clients.”

“Centromine’s research and development group is currently
testing ColdFusion with Linux for reliability, scalability and

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