PRNewswire: Inprise/Borland Leads Linux Charge: Open-Sources Interbase

“Inprise…announced that it is jumping to the forefront of the
Linux database market by open-sourcing the beta version of
InterBase 6, the new version of its SQL database. InterBase will be
released in open-source form for multiple platforms, including
Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris….”

Inprise is taking a leadership role in the Open-Source
movement by releasing the beta version of InterBase 6 under an
open-source license. We are taking this bold step because we
believe every Linux distribution needs InterBase
,” said Dale
Fuller, interim CEO and president of Inprise Corporation. “By
open-sourcing InterBase, we will be unleashing a world-class
database for companies worldwide to develop and deploy
business-critical, mobile computing, and Internet-based
applications for multiple platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and
Windows NT. This is an amazing opportunity for Inprise, its
customers and the Open-Source community.”

“Inprise open-sourcing InterBase is a step forward for software
users,” said Eric S. Raymond, president of the Open Source
Initiative. “As open-source releases of operating systems and
critical middleware become the norm, Inprise’s release will
undoubtedly raise the quality bar and customers will reap huge
benefits in reliability, security, and total cost of

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