PRNewswire: Network Magazine Announces 13th Annual Product of the Year Awards

“Network Magazine’s Product of the Year Awards, are one of the
longest running independent product awards in the networking/IT
field. Each year they are given to those products that according to
Editor-in-Chief, Steve Steinke, “Make a difference to the readers
— the enterprise networking and IT individuals who manage,
administer, and support enterprise networks.””

“The selection process is internal with no solicited or
unsolicited input from vendors and takes over three months to
complete. The editors of the magazine were asked to look within
their realms of expertise, Wide Area Networking, Network
Infrastructure, Security and Services, and come up with products
“that stand out from the surrounding landscape,” says Steinke.
“These choices were then opened up to scrutiny from the entire

“Category                  Company
Name             Product

  Server OS      Red
Hat Sftw       Red Hat Linux

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