PRNewswire: New StarOffice 5.1 Upgrade Improves User Experience and Productivity

“StarOffice has a fully integrated set of powerful
applications that provides Microsoft Office compatible word
processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentations, HTML
editor, mail/news reader, scheduler, and database

“The StarOffice 5.1 upgrade focuses on four key points:
— Optimized product stability and security
— Improved integration with different operating systems and user
work environment
— Increased usability with user-friendly, intuitive features
— Integrating customer requested features and suggestions

Compatible, Stable, and Secure… Documents created using
StarOffice on supported platforms such as Windows, Solaris, Linux,
and OS/2 can be exchanged with StarOffice user on any other
platform with complete confidence.

StarOffice contains industry leading filters for
interoperability with other file formats such as those created in
MS Office, Framemaker, or WordPerfect. Significant upgrades
especially for the MS Office 97/2000 file formats have been made in
the 5.1 release…”

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