Reuters: Looser U.S. encryption export rules due Thur.

“The Clinton administration on Thursday will dramatically reduce
export limits on computer data-scrambling technology, aiding sales
of most U.S.-made products that include encryption such as Internet
software, computer networking equipment and telecommunications

“The new rules also fulfill a White House promise from September
to dramatically relax the previously restrictive encryption export

“U.S. high-technology companies, along with Internet and privacy
advocacy groups, have been pushing for the changes for years
arguing that encryption was needed to protect the security of
communications and electronic commerce.”

“Under the new rules, if source code is publicly available
and no royalty is charged for its use, the code would not be
subject to export restrictions.
People posting “open source”
programs would be required to send the code, or a Web site address
where the code was displayed, to the government.”

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U.S. Encryption Export Control Regulations