RootPrompt.org: Digital Certificates & Encryption

[ Thanks to Noel
for this link. ]

“On the Internet, information you send from one computer to
another passes through numerous systems before it reaches its
destination. Normally, the users of these intermediary systems
don’t monitor the Internet traffic routed through them, but
someone who’s determined can intercept and eavesdrop on your
private conversations or credit card exchanges. Worse still, they
might replace your information with their own and send it back on
its way.”

“Encryption & Digital Certificates are the solution
for Internet Commerce. Used together, they protect
your data as it travels over the Internet.”

“Encryption is the process of using a mathematical algorithm to
transform information into a format that can’t be read (this format
is called cipher text). Decryption is the process of using another
algorithm to transform encrypted information back into a readable
format (this format is called plain text).”

“Digital Certificates are your digital passport, an Internet ID.
They are verification of you who you are and the integrity of your