Security Portal: FAQs about taking Crypto out of the US

“The United States has terrific encryption export regulations –
if you live somewhere else and don’t need US products. We are
always hopeful of change, but keeping up on the complexities and
strictness of US regulations is something we must do. Depending
upon what type of industry you are in, the types of encryption
products you need and where you are going, you will find different
options for using encryption.”

“Encryption export authorization is controlled within the US
Department of Commerce. Prior to 1997, this function was controlled
by ITAR, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, within the
Department of State. Although crypto regulations are putatively
less political now, it is still heavily influenced by defense and
criminal concerns, as evidenced by the presence of NSA and FBI
experts that assist Commerce in enforcement. The Department of
Commerce’s Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) is the official
agency within the DoC charged with day to day administration of
encryption exports. The BXA processes Encryption License
Applications and interprets the regulations.”