Security Portal: Weekly Linux Security Digest 2001/03/05 to 2001/03/11

“A busy week with Debian issuing almost a dozen advisories and
Mandrake issuing quite a few. Problems were found in joe, CUPS and
numerous other applications. A PHPIMAP overflow has been found, but
it only affects some people running webmail services based on PHP,
so isn’t a huge concern for most, luckily. Also a problem in
Mailman – an administrator could potentially get ahold of user
passwords used in Mailman. Again not a terribly huge risk, but a
fix has been issued. Also, a new nmap beta has been released

“We lead off with general advisories and exploit code, then move
to vendor advisories. Most items appear in alphabetical order. If
we’re missing a Linux vendor’s advisory, please tell us – ditto for
any Linux-related security alerts. The long strings of hex in front
of package names are MD5 signatures.”


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