Security Portal: Where did my Open Source Security Goodies Go?

Thanks to Jim
for this link.

“A call for Linux Community involvement”

“The demise of Ken Williams’ Packet Storm site last week was
mostly greeted with yawns in the major media last week as the
latest in the ongoing war between AntiOnline and other hacker
groups. Harvard University, which had only recently begun hosting
the Packet Storm data, last Wednesday pulled the plug on the server
at the request of John Vranesevich, operator of AntiOnline. Mr
Vranesevich’s complaint concerned the presence of a specific
private directory containing material, some pornographic,
lampooning his site and attacking him personally (we have never
seen it). Harvard unfortunately decided to take the shotgun
approach to solving the dispute, and shut down the site entirely.
At the time of this writing, it is unclear what the final
resolution of the matter will be, but it appears Mr Williams will
get his data back.”