Serious bug in Linux kernel 2.2.0 allows users to crash the system

Dan Burcaw posted to the Linux-kernel mailing list:

There is a bug that works only on the 2.2.0 kernel that will allow root and non-root users to crash the machine (the system reboots).

To replicate this bug do following:

Take any core file, and as normal user or root run: ldd core

The machine will reboot, saying that it cannot get execution permissions for ./core

As far as I can tell, this problem only affects x86 machines running 2.2.0. I know that PPC is not affected.

Note: This problem does not occur in kernels before 2.2.0, and is apparently fixed in 2.2.0ac1.

Thanks to Gennady Gurov ([email protected]) for discovering this problem.


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Linux has announced that this will be fixed in 2.2.1, due in a few days. -lt ed.