Serious Linux Kernel security hole

“Linux has security problems like any other operating system.
Most of them aren’t that big a deal though. Many of the more
serious ones require local user access to cause any real trouble,
and except for Linux desktop users that’s not a real concern. The
latest Linux security problem with Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS)
though is a real problem.

“RDS is an Oracle creation. It’s used for sending multiple
messages from a single network socket to multiple end-points. The
point of RDS is that you can use it to keep inter-process
communication (IPC) going without timeouts when a system is running
under very heavy loads. Thus, you’re most likely to be using RDS if
you’re running a mission-critical DBMS server or a Linux, Apache,
MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl (LAMP) stack application.”

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