SJ Mercury/AP: Software filter firm sues hackers

“A company that makes popular software to block children from
pornographic Internet sites is suing two computer experts
distributing a method for kids to deduce their parents’ password
and access those forbidden Web sites.”

“Microsystems Software Inc. of Framingham, Mass., which sells
the widely used “Cyber Patrol” software, filed an unusual federal
lawsuit Wednesday asking a judge to order Eddy L. O. Jansson and
Matthew Skala to stop distributing their “cphack” program

“In an unusual legal strategy, Microsystems alleged that
Skala and Jansson violated U.S. copyright law when they
reverse-engineered Cyber Patrol
to analyze it. The software’s
license agreement says users “may not reverse engineer, decompile,
or disassemble the software.””

“Skala, who learned about the legal filings in Massachusetts
from the AP, said he planned to speak with a lawyer but suggested
that his work may be protected under a “fair use” clause of
copyright law.”

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