[email protected] Reseller: MS contradicted on bundling

“The next government witness to testify in the Microsoft
antitrust trial says Internet Explorer can safely be removed from
Windows without damaging the operating system.”

“Princeton University assistant professor Edward Felten,… a
specialist in operating systems, Internet software and Internet
security,… maintains that Internet Explorer can be easily removed
from Windows 95 and Windows 98.”

“Felten’s step-by-step instructions for removing IE will be made
available as videotaped DOJ exhibit…”

“… Felten actually had access to Windows source code,
Microsoft points out.

“Microsoft says. ‘Imagine the erosion of familiarity and
functionality if every PC maker could modify Windows source code as
they chose.'”

“Microsoft says such a doomsday scenario could result in the
creation of ‘hundreds of incompatible versions of Windows,’ which
would result in Windows ceasing to exist.”