SRO: Hotmail Cracked Like An Egg

“Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Go directly to your
Hotmail in box, clean out all of your mail, and ask everyone who
uses that account to reroute their messages to another
Hotmail, the popular Microsoft e-mail Web service,
has been cracked wide open.

This isn’t merely a small hole that only a technically adept
cracker can creep into. This is a gash through which anyone with
access to a short HTML script, already widely circulated, can gain
entry into a Hotmail account.

[email protected] Reseller trials found that we could view Hotmail in boxes,
as well as read, forward and delete messages–all by simply putting
a user name in the script. If an account is currently in use, the
in box can be viewed, but an outsider cannot manipulate the