SRO: Who Deserves The ILOVEYOU Blame? Microsoft or you?

“Isn’t it time we finally admit three truths? Drivers don’t obey
speed limits, many e-mail users don’t think before clicking on file
attachments, and Microsoft Outlook is an easy target for malicious
computer viruses. “

“Many readers insist that Outlook’s only problem is its
popularity. But that’s simply not true.
In theory, Outlook’s
integration with Windows makes it speedier than its competitors.
But it also certainly makes it more vulnerable to attack.
Saddest of all, Microsoft’s Outlook defaults make it vulnerable
to these VisualBasic-based attacks.”

“As responsible providers building solutions for people, you owe
them safe, secure solutions. If, to be completely cynical about it,
not for their sake then for your own sake. I know of at least one
company that’s getting ready to sue its integrator for providing it
with programs that put it out of e-mail touch with the world for
two days. By that company’s count, the outage cost it $500,000 in
direct damages alone.”


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