SysAdmin: Implementing Security on Linux

Security is never a luxury. It can save money, time, and
frustration. The Linux operating system…has several built-in
security mechanisms, which are unfortunately rarely used.
article explores the basic aspects of securing a Linux server.”

“Start with a fresh install. Any security expert will tell you
that there is no use securing a system when you don’t know whether
break-ins and backdoors already have been created. Any Linux
distribution will work fine, because they all contain the required
security tools. You should install and configure the Linux system
before connecting it to the Internet. Linux installation is
relatively simple regardless of the distribution you pick – the
security configuration happens after the installation.”

“Basic security on a Linux system is very similar to other UNIX
systems. Areas to configure include user security, network
security, and kernel parameters. This article reviews all of these
areas, including more advanced ways to add security to Linux and
some sites that contain more information.”