The Standard: FBI, DOJ Issue List of Worst Net Threats

“Not surprisingly, at the top of that list is opening
unsolicited e-mail attachments without verifying their source or
checking their content. Apparently, people haven’t yet learned the
security lessons of the “ILoveYou” virus, as messages containing
the virus are still being sent – nearly a month after it was
unleashed – causing an estimated $6.7 billion worth in damage.”

“No. 2 on the list is failing to install security patches,
especially for Microsoft (MSFT) Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer
and Netscape browsers. Installing screen savers or games from
unknown sources is next, followed by not making and testing
backups, and then using a modem while connected through a local
area network.”

“The Unix and Linux platforms, which abound in universities
and other large organizations, were found to be the most frequently
affected by vulnerabilities.
But several security holes were
found to be indiscriminate of the various systems, network devices
and Web servers in use.”


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