Titan 3.0 Released

Titan is a Unix/Solaris host level security toolkit. Modular and
Policy based so it can be used in configuring Firewalls, Servers,
or Desktops. 90% bourne shell; 10% C, full source available.

Titan is a collection of programs, each of which either fixes or
tightens one or more potential security problems with a particular
aspect in the setup or configuration of a Unix system. Conceived
and created by Brad Powell, it was written in Bourne shell, and its
simple modular design makes it trivial for anyone who can write a
shell script or program to add to it, as well completely understand
the internal workings of the system.

Titan does not replace other security tools, but when used in
combination with them it can help make the transformation of a new,
out of the box system into a firewall or security conscious system
into a significantly easier task. In a nutshell, it attempts to
help improve the security of the system it runs on.