Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit v0.48 released

Trinux is a portable Linux distribution that boots from 2-3
floppies (or a FAT 16 partition) and runs entirely in RAM. Trinux
contains the latest versions of popular network security tools and
is useful for mapping and monitoring TCP/IP networks.

Trinux 0.48 include updates to many of the core network
monitoring/mapping tools including nmap, iptraf, ntop, hunt, and

The following utilities are including in the generic “classic”

arp arptool cat chmod chown chroot clear cp crontab cut dd df
dhcpcd dig dmesg drpcscan exscan firewalk free ftp fumount getty
grep gunzip gzip halt hdinit hdload hostname hping hunt icmp_redir
ifconfig insmod install-disk ipfwadm ipgrab iptraf kill linsniffer
ln loadkeyslock login ls lsmod makearp makeeth makeip maketcp
makeudp man mkdir mke2fs more mount mv neped netconfig netresolv
netstat netwatch nfs_check nmap nslookup ntop open passwd ping ps
queso rdns reset rm rmmod route rpcinfo rvnamed save sendeth
sendpacket setterm sh sleep sniffit snmpget snmpset snmpwalk
statnet strobe swapoff swapon sync tar tcpdump tee telnet
traceroute umount vi vlock whois z0ne

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