Upside: New site on Linux security [LinuxSecurity.com]

“Last month’s denial of service uproar has intensified
attention to Internet security. Coincidentally… last month also
saw the debut of LinuxSecurity.com, a new website completely
dedicated to Linux operating system security issues.”

” ‘We first conceived the idea last year,’ says Dave Wreski,
president of Guardian Digital, the New Jersey-based company that
oversees the LinuxSecurity in addition to providing end-user
security tools. ‘We tried to get it out before the end of the year,
but had to wait a little bit longer because of development
issues.’ “

“Lucky break. As things turned out, LinuxSecurity happened to go
live just as Internet miscreants had finished waylaying major
brand-label sites such as Yahoo (YHOO), eBay (EBAY), and E-Trade
(EGRP). Given the enterprise community’s growing interest in both
Linux and security-related issues, the LinuxSecurity URL has
insured a double-whammy traffic-wise.”