Virtual Private Network Daemon (vpnd) Version 1.0.0

A. Steinmetz writes:

Announce: Virtual Private Network Daemon (vpnd) Version 1.0.0

vpnd is a daemon which connects two networks on network level
either via TCP/IP or a (virtual) leased line attached to a serial
interface. All data transfered between the two networks are
encrypted using the unpatented free Blowfish encryption algorithm
with a key length of up to 576 bits (may be downgraded to a minimum
of 0 bits to suit any legal restrictions).

vpnd is under the GPL and compiles on Linux 1.2.x, 2.0.x and
2.2.x, ports to other platforms are welcome.

For all those interested security reviews are welcome to assure
communication security and integrity.

You can download vpnd from:


or visit the vpnd home page at:

Please send any comments to [email protected]