WideOpenNews: Open Source in the 21st Century

“At the turn of the century, seven luminaries in the technology
arena contemplate the future of open source.”

“Just as the end of the 19th century was marked by the genesis
of industrial production methods, the end of the 20th century has
seen the equally revolutionary open source methods just begin to
generate steam. What does the future hold for open source? The
answer is up for grabs, but in an attempt to provide a forecast,
Wide Open News put that question to an array of luminaries looking
to the horizon. Big thinkers like historian George Dyson and
futurist Paul Saffo tell us why open source is not so new, the
hurdles it faces in the future, and more….”

The open source movement will encourage the creative
expression of the community mind by productively coupling diversity
of thought with social capital formation. This, in turn, will
become a fundamental paradigm for knowledge creation in the new