Windows is Easier

I see these articles all the time. And yet people still
think Windows is good and easy. –ed.

“Most of the antimalware scanners include tools for removing the
problem program once it has been detected. Microsoft has its own
Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is updated to detect new
malware every month on Patch Tuesday, checking for specific malware
on the machine. Another good resource is the Bleeping Computer
forum, which specializes in free help to remove malware. It’s
helpful for those who are patient or on a severely tight budget.
The forum is also excellent at helping users diagnose the
difference between malware-caused performance problems and
nonmalicious ones. However, if using the removal tools doesn’t do
the job, or you are not computer savvy enough to dive in to your
system to try to remove the malware yourself, you might have to
contact tech support through your security software provider or an
independent firm. Microsoft’s Consumer Security Support site
requires users to run the company’s free antimalware scan before an
agent can help.

“Getting tech help to clean up an infection can wind up costing
as much as several hundred dollars for a complicated job.”