Windows Is The Wrong System For the Security-Unconscious

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“It’s one thing to make a computer easy to use, but if you’re
going to do so, you must also make it secure. If you’re not going
to develop a secure OS, then at least give more thought to your
emphasis on ‘Ease of Use.’

“A dear old Aunt recently sent one of those stupid chain
e-mails–you know the ones, ‘forward to as many people as
possible’–simply because she agreed with the sentiments it
expressed. What she obviously never gave thought to was that she
just might be passing along a trojan horse to the rest of the
family. When I responded that she might be jeopardizing other
people’s computers, she got upset, responding that she only sent
the e-mail because she agreed with it…”

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