Windows TechEdge: Service Pack 6 is on the way

“As if you weren’t having enough fun with SP5, Microsoft is
preparing yet another bundle of patches and bug fixes for

“Microsoft maintains that Windows NT with SP3 is mostly Y2K
compliant. NT with SP4 is now called Y2K compliant, period,
apparently losing its ‘with some issues’ status. … Whether SP6
will reveal more Y2K problems (as SP5 did) is yet to be seen, so
the usual rule stands: don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.”

“…I’m starting to have a sinking feeling that the new method
of installing Service Packs is to reinstall everything and then
reload important information (or the entire system) from backups
when things go awry. Obviously, it makes NT even less viable in the
enterprise if upgrading the OS is always this much of a hassle.
Maybe someone will drive the idea of ‘patch control and rollback
system’ into the brains of our friends in Redmond. But don’t count
on it in Windows 2000.”

“…most fresh installs of NT with SP5 have gone well. …
Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the previous problem of how to
update production machines — you’d have to employ clustering in
just about any case where a four to six hour outage is not