Wired: DVD Hearing: Suits Meet Geeks

“Thanks to the RSA encryption conference being held nearby, a
battle over DVD security that has pitted the motion picture
industry against open-source advocates is about to get really

“The plaintiffs say the case is about theft, plain and simple.
When Web sites carry either the DVD program or source code
instructions showing how to write the program, according to the
lawsuit, it threatens the economic viability of the DVD industry.
It also affects the consumer electronics and personal computer
industries that provide hardware and software to access digital

“They are about censorship of speech critical to science,
education, and innovation,” said EFF executive director Tara
Lemmey. “Reverse engineering of DVD security is legitimate and
important for systems’ interoperability, and a right that we must
preserve for a healthy, open, and democratic society in the
information age.