wu-ftpd contains exploitable vulnerability

Pieter Nieuwenhuijsen has
posted a vulnerability to BUGTRAQ that exploits a security bug in
the wu-ftpd [beta-18] that is shipped with Red Hat Linux 5.2, and
possibly ot her distributions.

Here is the comment section at the beginning of “duke”‘s exploit:


WU-FTPD REMOTE EXPLOIT Version wu-2.4.2-academ[BETA-18](1)
for linux x86 (redhat 5.2)

by duke

BIG thanks to stran9er for alot of help with part of the shellcode!
i fear stran9er, but who doesn't? !@$ :)

Greets to: #!ADM, el8.org users,

To exploit this remotely they need to have a directory you can 
have write privlidges to.. this is the <dir> argument.. you can
also use this locally by specifying -l <ur login> -p <urpass> with the
<dir> = your home directory or something..(must begin with '/')
also alignment arg is how return address  is aligned.. shouldnt need it,
but if u do it should be between 0 and 3 

It takes about 10 seconds after "logged in" so be patient.

Per his request, we will not distribute the exploit here on
Linux Today. Please take appropriate security measures at your

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