ZDNet Australia: Setting Up a Strong Linux Firewall

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“Of course, one of the building blocks of network security is a
good firewall. Although many companies pay top dollar for
commercial firewall solutions, Linux has long been a popular option
for those who want to save some big money and who don’t mind
rolling up their sleeves and building the firewall configuration

“Fortunately, the Linux firewall solution has continued to
improve and the netfilter/iptables system now provides a robust and
supremely flexible solution. netfilter/iptables (netfilter is the
name of the project, and iptables is the name of the Linux software
itself) is a system integrated into the Linux 2.4.x kernel for the
handling of packet filtering. It is the successor to the ipchains
and ipfwadm systems and is the first to be incorporated directly
into the kernel. Here’s a look at how you can build a strong Linux
firewall with iptables…”

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