ZDNet: DoS: Linux to the rescue [via Tripwire]

“Security mavens have long agreed that open-source security
is the best security. It’s a pity that their bosses usually
disagree. Until now
, that is. TripWire Inc., long a
free-software proponent, has decided to cannonball into the
open-source waters.”

“TripWire won’t be alone as it opens its flagship
integrity-assessment program. Major Linux vendors Caldera Systems
Inc. , Red Hat Inc. (Nasdaq: RHAT) and SGI (NYSE: SGI) will
accompany the security company in an open-source plunge.”

“The three Linux powerhouses are partnering with TripWire to
incorporate the open-source TripWire into their server Linux OS
lines. Expect to see TripWire security in each company’s fall Linux

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