ZDNet: Intel getting inside open source

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for this link. ]

“Intel Corp. wants a seat in the inner circle of the open-source

“The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker has been working to join
the ranks of the top-tier open-source advocates and play a role in
the ongoing evolution of the Linux operating system alongside the
likes of IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) and SGI (NYSE: SGI). And, on
Tuesday, Intel will make its latest effort to get inside the
open-source movement — announcing that the upcoming Version 3.0 of
Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), its widely used security
software, will become open source when it’s released next

“”On May 15 we will be posting (CDSA) on an Intel server where
anyone can freely download the software,” Terry Smith, Intel’s CDSA
marketing manager, told ZDNet News. “We’ll release an Itanium/Linux
version (to open source) in August.””

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