ZDNet UK: Sendmail shrink-wraps open source

“Internet mail specialist SendMail has opened offices in the UK
to sell a commercial Internet mail product line, which has been
developed by the Open Source community for the past 20 years.
Sendmail also opened its European centre in the UK to offer round
the clock consultancy and technical support.”

The Sendmail Switch 8.10 family features 128-bit mail
encryption; central control over multiple Sendmail servers, and
content management APIs
to integrate spam and anti-virus
scanning products from vendors such as Trend Micros, Sophos and
Symantec. Also included are simulation and testing tools to manage
mail routing and flow regulation, multiple queue support, and SMTP
password authentication.”

“The product originates from the 20-year-old sendmail mail
transfer agent (MTA). The firm Sendmail was created to sell an
enterprise level solution and services based on the code….”