ZDNN: Harvard caught in hacker crossfire

“On Wednesday, the Cambridge, Mass., university removed an
independent security Web site, known as Packet Storm, which it had
been mirroring on its servers for only 10 days.

The reason: A directory of material hidden in the Web site, and
thus on Harvard’s servers, that had ‘sexually related material and
personal attacks on an individual not affiliated with the
University,’ said Joe Wrinn, director of news and public affairs
for Harvard… Ken Williams, a North Carolina State University
employee and the Webmaster of Packet Storm, angrily refuted the

” ‘We are in the middle of this and it’s inappropriate,’ said
Harvard’s Wrinn, sounding distinctly uncomfortable with the
attention that the issue was attracting. Harvard intends to send
the complete contents of the site back to Williams so that he can
post it elsewhere. … Packet Storm wasn’t just a small-time site
— it had been the place to go for both hackers and security
experts to get up-to-date security information.”

“Among organizations that used and mirrored the site: The
Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
claimed Webmaster Williams.”