10 Enterprise Cloud Storage Options

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link.

“5. Egnyte Enterprise Local Cloud: Egnyte’s cloud-based storage
is similar to Dropbox but for enterprise-sized file volumes. You
have the best of both file access world’s: a local copy and a
cloud-based synchronized copy. With Egnyte, you have a local copy
of all of your files so that access is fast and available–even
offline should your Internet connection go down or if you prefer to
limit synchronization to a low-usage time period. If you’ve used
Dropbox, you’ll understand Egnyte’s Enterprise Local Cloud

“The Enterprise Local Cloud service is enabled on your network
as a VMware virtual appliance.

“6. ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage

“ADrive’s solutions provide you with hot backups streamed over
VPN connections. Your data transmits to and from their site via
your choice of encryption protocols with on-demand scalability and
optional mirroring to geographically diverse locations for greater

“Their solution highlights are: Secure VPN data transfer,
redundant connectivity options, data mirroring, and multiple
connectivity protocols: CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, HTTP, FTP, and

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