BW: 3ware and TheLinuxStore.com… Bringing Innovative Storage Solutions to Linux Users

“3ware, Inc. today announced a partnership with
TheLinuxStore.com (OTCBB:EBIZ) that allows Linux users to
improve performance and increase reliability of their storage
sub-system through 3ware’s high performance ATA RAID
With this agreement, 3ware will see its
industry-leading Escalade(TM) line of RAID storage controllers
shipped on all pre-configured L Royal servers and also as an option
on other servers offered by TheLinuxStore.com. 3ware is the only
company to offer its device drivers to the Linux open-source market
and is the first ATA RAID controller specifically designed for
Linux servers and workstations.”

“The Escalade products, using 3ware’s patented TwinStor(TM) and
DiskSwitch(TM) technology, are particularly well suited for Linux
systems, including web servers where transactional performance is
critical. 3ware’s award-winning controllers deliver fast read
performance, coupled with RAID technology, ensuring high
availability for Linux web servers.”

“Introduced to the Linux market in February at Linux World, the
Escalade ATA controllers deliver SCSI-like performance for
one-third the cost of a similar SCSI solution. Using 3wares’S
DiskSwitch controller architecture and RAID capabilities, Escalade
controllers turn standard Ultra ATA drives into extremely fast,
reliable and scalable solutions. For example, a single 8-port
Escalade controller can be used to access over one-third of a
Terabyte of data or more.”

Press Release