BW: BiTMICRO NETWORKS Defines New Performance Standard with ATX35 E-Disk

“BiTMICRO NETWORKS, the leading supplier of high-end flash
storage solutions, today unveiled the world’s fastest EIDE solid
state flash disk, the ATX35 E-Disk(TM). It is the latest addition
to the fastest and most reliable line of solid state flash disks

“The ATX35 has lightning fast average access time of 0.10 ms
and 16.6 MBytes per second burst read and write transfer
The 14 MBytes per second sustained transfer rate of
ATX35 surpasses the performance record previously held by BiTMICRO
making the ATX35 more than six times faster than any other
competing ATA solid state flash disk.”

“Available in industry standard 3.5 inch form factor, the ATX35
is fully ATA-2, ATA-3, and ATA-4 compatible and is available with
up to 18,944 MBytes of capacity. The ATX35 is a quick drop-in
replacement for conventional hard disk drives or other flash

“The ATX35 is supported on a wide variety of platforms such
as Linux
, Windows, MacOS, and UNIX variants including FreeBSD,
NetBSD, OpenServer, Solaris, QNX, and others.”

Press Release