BW: JNI Debuts Linux Driver for Fibre Channel HBAs

“JNI Corporation…one of the leading vendors of Fibre Channel
host bus adapters (HBAs), today announced the debut of its software
driver for Red Hat(R) Linux(R) running on JNI’s Emerald(TM)-based
FibreStar(TM) PCI bus HBA cards.”

“The driver, currently in beta, will be available during 1Q 2000
as part of a suite of integrated drivers introduced by JNI called
the PC Server DriverSuite(TM)….”

“The driver operates under Red Hat Linux 6.0 and 6.1. The
Linux driver offers the same enterprise-level feature set as all
JNI drivers, including operating in all Fibre Channel topologies,
point-to-point, arbitrated loop and switched fabric, the latter two
being used for true Storage Area Network (SAN)
The Linux driver also features a common code
base with other JNI drivers to assure the same feature sets are
implemented across all operating systems.”

Press Release