CNET News.com: Lineo attracts new backers

“Motorola Computing Group and Egan-Managed Capital have
taken equity investments in Lineo, a company pushing the Linux
operating system into small devices.”

“The expected investment from the Motorola Computing Group,
first reported in October by CNET News.com, tightens the ties
between Lineo and Motorola, which is developing Linux servers
guaranteed to stay up and running 99.999 percent of the time.”

“In addition, Lineo got a new member of its board of directors:
John Egan, a board member and former executive vice president at
storage firm EMC now with Egan-Managed Capital. Egan Managed
Capital also invested in Caldera Systems, a Linux software seller
that’s Lineo’s sister company. Lineo’s Embedix version of Linux for
non-PC devices is based on Caldera Systems’ version of Linux for
desktops and servers.”

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