InfoWorld: VA Linux Systems acquires server and storage vendors

Attempting to establish itself as a player to be reckoned
with in the increasingly critical Internet infrastructure market,
VA Linux Systems Wednesday acquired both TruSolutions, builder of
rack-mount servers, and NetAttach, which makes high availability
storage devices.

“With the TruSolutions deal, VA Linux now has hold of the design
expertise and product line breadth that includes an entry-level 1U
server to complement its brand new high-performance 1U server
announced by VA Linux earlier this afternoon….”

“With the NetAttach agreement, VA Linux would appear to
immediately improve its ability to deliver products in the
Network-Attached Storage (NAS) arena, along with complementary
technical expertise in offering a number of storage solutions on
Linux. The NAS market, according to the latest figures from IDC,
was worth $850 million in 1999, but with an expected 66 percent
growth rate over the next five years.”

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