Internet Week: Dell Unveils Clustering Architecture

“Dell Computer said it plans to integrate third-party clustering
hardware and software into its server line, and will look into
broadening Unix support.”

“Dell Monday unveiled the Dell Scalable Enterprise Computing
(SEC) architecture, combining its PowerEdge servers and PowerVault
storage for applications including Web hosting, intranet,
e-commerce, online transaction processing, decision support, and
parallel database architectures.”

“Dell will initially support Microsoft Server Cluster (MSCS)
failover software of up to two nodes, running on Windows NT 4.0
Enterprise Edition, the company said.”

“In a small but significant step for Dell, the company will look
into supporting a commercial Unix on its systems, either Sun
Microsystems Solaris or Monterey, a 64-bit Unix operating system
being developed by IBM, SCO, Sequent, and Intel. That’s a slight
change of strategy for Dell, which previously said it was mainly a
Windows NT company and would not support Unix on its servers
because it did not see sufficient demand.”