Internet Week: Top Stories Of The Year: 1998

  1. AOL-Netscape Caps Year Of Mega-Mergers
  2. A Dose Of Reality To Back Up The Java Hype
  3. Linux: The Next Threat To Microsoft

    What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, open-source
    software was a curiosity. Today, it’s almost a necessary part of
    any vendor’s Internet strategy and may hold the key to unlocking
    Microsoft’s death grip on the software industry.

  4. Microsoft And The DOJ Go Toe To Toe
  5. Picking Up Pace Of IP-PSTN Convergence
  6. Y2K Puts Pressure On Other IT Projects
  7. Ethernet Segues Easily Into Gigabit Realm
  8. Novell Begins Firing On All Cylinders
  9. E-Comm Branches Out Into Mainstream
  10. SANs Give Storage Its Own Pipes